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Loneliness – Not So Bad

Author : Date : 09/06/2018

Loneliness is a feeling you probably won’t want to experience as it often comes with feelings of sadness, emptiness and even, depression. However, loneliness is not always bad especially if you are someone who is comfortable with their own company. Having some alone time creates room for you to express yourself in ways in which you might not have been if people were present.

Being alone or lonely doesn’t necessarily mean you’re unloved, or the world has abandoned you; it just says that you’re sometimes happy being by yourself. A lot of persons don’t enjoy their company so they avoid alone time although that time creates a valuable opportunity for learning, self-introspection and loads of creativity.

Below are some reasons why being lonely isn’t such a bad idea. In other words, let’s take a look at the benefits of being lonely:

1. You get to enjoy your company.

Stepping away from everybody is liberating. You get to do what you want without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. You can check out new areas, take yourself out on a date, listen to your favorite songs or read a book without any form of interruption.

2. It teaches you to be comfortable in your skin

A lot of persons who are alone or more appropriately, lonely are not happy with their situation and that’s because they don’t have an understanding of what it is to be alone. When you are alone, you get to have a better understanding of yourself and your emotions due largely to the opportunity for introspection. Consequently, you grow more comfortable in your skin and eventually, are more confident.

3. It prevents us from keeping the wrong company;

Loneliness is just a feeling and it’s better to live alone than having the wrong people around you. When you are alone, you avoid persons who would want to force you into confrontations.

4. Being alone gives you the opportunity to listen to your inner voice

When you’re alone, you have a chance to contemplate and meditate. This gives you an edge when you can listen to your inner voice. You become more creative than when you are always with people. Sometimes we get so busy that we don’t always have the time to sit and think. But being alone reminds us to do just that, which sometimes aids us in coming to some important realizations.

5. You get the opportunity to find more facts about yourself

Sometimes we have everything going for us, but we still feel a bit lonely. This might have nothing to do with other people and everything to do with ourselves. Loneliness helps us find facts about ourselves, where we lack in fulfillment, what we’ve achieved, what our setbacks are, etc. Being lonely might just be a hint that the time for a change has come.

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