Dr. Bhavna Jaiswal

Chartered Psychologist,
Founder & Director,
Counsellor, Public Speaker and Motivational Coach

About Bhavna

My name is Bhavna Jaiswal, and I am a Chartered Psychologist. I have over 10 years of counselling experience and have helped children, couples, young and elderly people. For 10 years’ I have taught psychology (child psychology, abnormal psychology and motivation) to post-graduate and undergraduate students. My breadth of experience has given me good insight in to understanding problems from a theoretical as well as a practical perspective.

I have been privileged to have worked in research and practice with thousands of people of all ages from different cultural, religions and socio-economic backgrounds dealing with motivational, stress, and relationship issues. This exposure has given me unique insight into the range of issues faced by individuals as well as allowing me to build practical tools to help them improve.

I am a motivational coach, public speaker, counsellor and founder of Nelumbo consultancy (NC), an organisation with the goal of helping individuals to build confidence and find purpose in their lives. NC works by guiding you through difficulties in your life, and showing you that by managing your emotions and reactions, you can avoid falling victim to your circumstances. We will help you to strive for positive outcomes to help you reach your objectives and secure inner peace. I am fluent in English, Hindi, and Punjabi and am happy to work in any of these languages.

I am a passionate observer of human behaviour and how culture, status and environment influences our personality and the paths that we follow.

My goal is to help you achieve fulfilment.

BPS Registered Chartered Psychologist

British Psychological Society

The story behind...

Our founder Bhavna has told the story of her motivation to set up her practice:

“When I was younger, all I ever wanted to be was a dancer. I suffered an injury to my left leg that made dancing too dangerous to pursue as a career; it was devastating for me. I was stressed, depressed and demotivated for a long time. I felt like my identity had been stolen from me and that I had to completely reinvent who I was.

My father gave me some excellent advice. He told me to start doing something that would help others. It was his way of telling me to find a new purpose. There was not much in the way of professional psychological help in India at the time and eventually I realized that by learning psychology, I could help others with problems like mine.

When I finished my doctorate, I opened a private practice, started teaching psychology and worked with several NGOs.

When I moved to the UK , I realized very quickly that while there were programs to reduce stress and others to improve motivation, these were often at odds with one another. The idea seemed to be that if you wanted to achieve your goals, you simply had to take on more and more stress.

Nowhere did I see anyone blending stress relief with motivation and achievement, so that is what I decided to specialize in. I opened my practice, Nelumbo Consultancy, in 2014 and volunteered with several community organizations. I am now expanding online in the hopes of bringing my unique service to everyone across the UK.

The service that I am offering now is the service that I needed all those years ago. When I heard that I could not be a dancer, I descended into a world of enormous stress and demotivation. Had I known then what I know now, my nightmare would have been shorter and less destructive.””

At times we feel all at sea and psychologist can help to become aware of the calm below the surface.

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