Stress is a pressure that we cannot cope with or that is overwhelming us. Stress has an impact on every aspect of our lives; it disrupts our thinking patterns making it harder for us to consider things in a calm, clear and measured way, it affects how we feel leaving us physically tense and emotionally volatile, intolerant and exhausted and it interferes with normal patterns of behaviors including sleeping, eating and sex drive.

Stress Therapy in Richmond

Who Can Counselling for Stress Help?

Do you experience regular headaches, stomach pains/upset stomach, chest pains, elevated blood pressure?

·       Do you have trouble sleeping?

·       Do you worry a lot?

·       Do you become easily agitated, frustrated and moody?

·       Do you often feel overwhelmed like you are losing control?

·       Do you have trouble relaxing?

·       Do you have trouble quieting your mind?

What treatment is available for Stress?

A good stress management program will help you to tackle stress in the following ways:

·       By identifying sources of stress

·       By identifying unhelpful ways in which you currently deal with stress (including thinking, feeling and behaving)

·       By developing alternative and more helpful ways of responding to stress that do not undermine your physical and emotional well being.

·       By anticipating future potential sources of stress and developing coping strategies in advance.

·       The best stress management therapies include the key principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as this approach targets thinking, feeling and behavior in a comprehensive, accessible and evidence based way.

Once you’ve found what causes your stress, focus on what you can control. Eliminate the realistic stressors and develop consistent de-stressing habits. Instead of watching TV or responding to texts in bed after work – take a walk, or read a book. Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and getting enough quality sleep, will ease feelings of stress and help you relax.If stress becomes chronic, don’t hesitate to seek the help of a therapist. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Bhavna Jaiswal at Nelumbo Consultancy for Anger Management Counselling in Richmond.