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Understanding social anxiety

By changing your mindset, you might just be able to change your world. Sound impossible? It’s actually much more feasible than it seems. For individuals who are struggling with making positive changes in their life, a simple refocus can help enact the positive changes that you’re looking for.

Impact Of Your Work Stress On Your Relationship

Work-life balance is all about finding time for life outside of work for leisure, family, health, and pleasure. Although work-life balance varies for different persons, a lack of work-life balance seems to be a common problem for several persons as sometimes our work commitments bleed into our home lives, even affecting our relationships with our partners.

7 Top Tips to Curb Compulsive Spending

If you’ve been reading the entertainment news, you may have seen what Johnny Depp has been up to lately. No, not releasing the 704th installation of Pirates of the Caribbean – the other thing. The huge, unchecked spending resulting in millions of dollars worth of debt thing.

Can Art Therapy Help Improve Your Mental Health?

We all know that one scene in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. No, not where they join the parade. Or drive Cameron’s dad’s red convertible through the window. Or where they bluff their way into the restaurant. I guess it has quite a few iconic scenes, actually. But the one we’re referring to is Cameron in the museum looking George Seurat’s painting “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte”. He stands, gazing at the artist’s depiction of a child holding hands with his mother. He is visibly moved, connecting with the painting in a way that he doesn’t seem to be able to with other people.

How anger affects our lives

Anger affects in our lives in many different ways – and this can be both positive and negative. We need anger; it is a necessary response to certain situations. But sometimes it leads to problems, and this is what we are going to look at here. We can divide problems with anger into two main categories: suppressing anger too much and expressing anger too much.

How depression affects your daily life

Depression is a term which is often thrown around casually. The true definition of depression is that it is not simply an emotion or a state of mind; depression is a real, medical illness. Although depression comes in various forms, it is characteristically recognised by an atypically long duration of sadness and isolation.

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