Free 15 Minute Consultation

If you are interested in exploring what kind of therapy might be suitable for you, then we offer free 15 minute consultations to all potential new clients. These sessions are conducted over the phone and are an informal way of us getting to know you. It also gives you the opportunity to find out more about counselling, how it works, and to ask any questions you may have about the process. These 15 minute conversations are completely free of charge and come with no commitment to continue with counselling, should you decide it’s not for you at this time. Should you choose to proceed, after the consultation, based on your needs, we will match you with one of our experienced therapists. Our counsellors provide support with issues such as depression, anxiety, motivation, stress, relationships. Appointments can take place at any of our London clinics, which are situated in Harley Street, Oxford Circus and Twickenham. Alternatively, we offer online therapy via Skype, FaceTime and other video calling apps.

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Anton Smith

Business Counsellor, Trainer And Therapeutic Counsellor


BSc Mathematics, Diploma in Print Management, Diploma in Counselling, SFEDI Accredited Business Counsellor

Years of Experience
  • Business : 45 years
  • Therapy : 20 years
Specialize in
  • Mentoring and Coaching
  • Personal and Group Development
  • Group and 1-1 Business Training
  • Therapeutic Counselling

Margery Parsons

Psychodynamic Psychotherapist


Graduate from the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy University of Toronto, Innis College, Cinema Studies

Accreditation/ Member
  • UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy)
  • Hallam Institute for Psychotherapy (HIP) in Sheffield
  • Psychoanalysis and Jungian Analysis College (CPJA).
Years of Experience
  • Experience : 21 years
Specialize in
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Relationship Issues
  • Panic Disorder

Dr. Bhavna Jaiswal

Chartered Psychologist


Phd- Psychology

Accreditation / Membership

British Psychological society (BPS)

Years of Experience
  • Experience : 15 years
Specialize in
  • Motivation
  • Stress
  • Relationship
  • Anger




Are you struggling to work out what could possibly get you going to reach your goal? We can help and guide you to create an environment which will bring you to that place.


Stress Management

Stress is a major problem in today’s society and unless effectively managed, it can hinder your activities and ability to lead a happy and fulfilled life. If you are unable to manage your stress levels, it is time to seek professional help.


Relationship Development

Prioritising your relationship matters will keep you going well with your partner. If you are struggling through this major relationship hustle in your life, you can contact us.

About Nelumbo

The Botanical name of the Lotus is Nelumbo. Lotus is a symbol of purity, spontaneity and Divine Beauty. It emerges from dirty water to blossom into a pure uncontaminated flower. Despite the lotus growing in muddy waters it still retains such beauty. It makes no pretence of being better than it is and yet it's naturally beautiful. In spite of being in water it is never wet. It is not bothered about its surrounding but it blooms and vanishes. It teaches us to perform actions without being attached to their outcome and also not to bother about the external factors that may influence the action. The Lotus closes itself at night and sinks underwater for the whole night and waiting for the Sun to reappear at dawn when it unfurls itself again.
This signifies the fact that the human mind flourishes with the illumination of spiritual thought and squirms without it. The lotus leaf does not get wet despite being in water and similarly a person is ever blissful, untouched by the sorrows and the changes which are characteristic of the world. At Nelumbo Consultancy we believe that a person can overcome the difficulties of their situation and blossom into a new way of thinking and living just like a lotus.