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Forget big change start with tiny habits

Author : Date : 06/01/2018

It’s hard to make big life changes. Working on a tough goal all at once isn’t feasible for most people. In fact, there’s a pretty high chance for failure when attempting to tackle a huge goal at one time.

So how are you most likely to succeed when trying to make a big change? It’s simple.

Start small.

Dissect your goal into small steps that you can accomplish one at a time. Instead of trying to make several huge changes all at once, just pick one to start with, and accomplish that goal before moving on to the next one. Remind yourself of why you’re making the change – how is it going to help you? What are the benefits of the change? How will this habit change improve your daily life, or help you succeed in the long run?

Keeping yourself motivated is important when you’re tackling these small habit changes. It’s helpful to make sure that you constantly remind yourself, whether it’s a mental reminder, a visual reminder, or a verbal reminder – this is why I’m making this change – so that you stay on top of your progress. Your reasons behind making the change might even change as you work through it, so you might need to even take a step back to reevaluate the purpose behind your hard work.

After you create digestible small goals that will lead you to your larger goal, it’s time to make your small goals part of your everyday schedule and routine. Are you incorporating the habit changes into your daily life? Or are they just something you revisit occasionally? By continuously working on your small habit changes, they’ll slowly become routine, establishing themselves as just a normal part of your day. It’s when you start to just stick to those habits and the changes you’ve made without noticing that you can begin to move on to your next goal.

By dividing up your larger goal into small changes, you’re also making things easier on yourself. When you’re working on building a piece of furniture, you can’t go straight from step one to step five. You have to diligently follow the directions in the order that they came in, going from one, to two, to three, and so on until the project is finished. When you’re working on yourself, the same rules apply: find ways to divide up your goals into small goals, and then work on them one at a time. This also helps with your stress levels and mental well-being – it’s overwhelming to take on too much at once, but when you’re able to divide things up, it becomes doable.

If you need assistance with figuring out how to set these small goals, and how to start your process of succeeding in making life changes, contact Nelumbo Consultancy to see how we can help. Our counseling and therapy options are available to anyone who needs them, and we can help you accomplish whatever you put your mind to. Call us at 074 8180 9129 to learn more about how we can help.


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