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Do you feel dissatisfied with your relationships?

Author : Date : 05/04/2018

Relationships are an essential part of human life and they need to be cherished and treasured but sometimes things can go wrong which puts a strain on the relationship and leaves the individual feeling dissatisfied. However, making a few small changes today will help to resolve or improve problematic relationships with friends, family or partners etc.

Firstly, communication is the biggest aspect of any relationship and a lot of issues can be improved through better communication as a lot of problems and dissatisfaction are derived from poor communication. The easiest way to improve this is to talk directly to your loved one; calmly, clearly and to be understanding of their point of view. As hard as it can be sometimes to talk about specific issues, it is the most efficient way to resolve them. This will create a bond and understanding between the individuals that can immediately resolve problems and, if not, then ‘action’ is the second part.

Words can be said all the time but they don’t mean much without action backing them up. This is a common problem in most relationships and leaves people feeling dissatisfied. When individuals create false expectations and scenarios in the minds of their loved ones and they fail to fulfil them, it puts a drastic strain on their relationship. The feeling of constant let-down begins and grows and this can even destroy that relationship. This goes along with communication, as promises made and words spoken need to be attainable and do not create unrealistic expectations, then these words need to be turned into action. Effort and hard work need to be visible and felt by the loved one even if it’s just little things at first.

Improving these two aspects of a relationship will most likely resolve a lot of issues and remove the feeling of dissatisfaction, improving the bond between the two. These are common mistakes that a lot of people make unconsciously – therefore, a conscious effort to improve them will make a difference for the better.


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