When life’s difficulties cause anxiety, stress, conflict, trauma, depression, or exhaustion, your overall well-being will suffer.   Understanding how this distress has manifested is the first step to healing and improving the quality of your life.

Do you feel overrun by thoughts of self-criticism? Are you exhausted trying to maintain relationships? Sometimes we function well outwardly, but inside we are fighting feelings of anxiety, sadness, anger and thoughts of never being good enough. In therapy, we connect to parts of ourselves that we try so hard to hide. We explore struggles in current situations, past experiences, and connect with our emotions.

Dr. Bhavna Jaiswal offers a therapeutic, non-judgmental, and safe place to explore your pain and challenges working with you to articulate effective approaches and strategies, customized to your specific needs. The ultimate goal is always to collaborate with you in providing a safe, supportive place built on trust and empathy. I look forward to being your partner in this process.

Discover how starting depression counseling can support your own journey toward a happier, more fulfilling life. Depression counseling can help those with major depression, minor depression, postpartum depression, persistent depressive disorder, and more. Dr. Bhavna Jaiswal at Nelumbo Consultancy in Richmond will develop a unique treatment plan based on your specific experience, needs, and goals for Stress Therapy Richmond.

How does depression counseling work?

Depression counseling works by helping people pinpoint life problems, distorted thought patterns, and other causes of their depression, then process and work through them in order to mitigate the negative effects those factors have on their lives.

Signs of depression – Common signs of depression include:

·       Consistent low mood

·       Fatigue

·       Irritability

·       Oversleeping or difficulty sleeping

·       Changes in diet (eating much more or less)

·       Withdrawal and isolation

·       Feelings of guilt or worthlessness

·       Feelings of hopelessness

·       Loss of interest in previous hobbies or activities

·       Excessive substance use to know more for Depression Counselling in Richmond, contact Nelumbo Consultancy or Visit at nelumboconsultancy.com or Call us now – 0203 929 9125 to Book Appointment with Dr. Bhavna Jaiswal.