How to make every moment of your life new and refreshing

How to make every moment of your life new and refreshing

Author : Dr. Bhavna JaiswalDate : 02/26/2018

Life is an exciting adventure that starts from the time of birth and carries us through.However, it sometimes appears confusing and complicated, especially when there are pressures from different corners.

Life’s journey as a result of these troubles may become somewhat confounding, and we end up running from pillar to post, trying to find solutions to these problems as if the difficulties are the real essence of life. Unfortunately, we are unable to breathe and enjoy life as a result. Thisis the pattern of life, a sad proportion of us exhibit – we live from day to day, without enjoying the benefits of the previous day. We manage to set goals and targets for ourselves, and we plan to rest and enjoy life when we hit such goals.

“Oh, once I get out of college. I’ll enjoy life,” Some would say.

“I’m going to ensure that my marriage is free from trouble,” Another would opine.

“Let us seal the deal, then we celebrate and enjoy life,” Another vivid example of someone planning to enjoy life.

We believe that life can only be enjoyed after we must have done so much, whereas, life is meant to be enjoyed at all times, whether at work, studying, preparing for marriage or any other endeavor for that matter. We have made life a struggle, a fight that only the fittest and strongest would survive and we continue to hand pass this down to younger generations.

Every moment of life can be lived on a new and refreshing note, but many people believe that there is some strongly kept secret about this. Unknown to them, the secret is simple, yet missed by many.
What is this secret? This secret lies in letting go of all the worries, troubles and stresses because they are not a part of life; they are all external factors that do not have a place in our affairs. Peace can only be drawn out from the inside. However, we tend to focus too much on the things confounding us on the outside, allowing them todetermine the way we act and react to issues.

When we allow these external factors work us up, we lose track of the things that matter to living a refreshing life; we trade our internal peace for the pursuit of external, ephemeral things that takes away substance from us.

If you want to make every moment of your life new and refreshing, then you must get ready to take charge of your peace; you must be prepared to guard your heart against the troubles and stress of the day. This may not seem easy at first, but it is alright to start by being in control of your thoughts and actions, the way you react to things. It is also essential that you do not stress over issues.
Live life and enjoy every moment of it. Do not allow anything set you off your course. It is your life, be in charge.


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