Key of Health And Happy Relationship

Key of Health And Happy Relationship

Author : Nelumbo TeamDate : 10/22/2018

Happiness in every relationship is felt differently. For some people, happiness in their relationship comes from a conflict-free life. For others, it might mean lots of laughter or great intimacy with each other. Whatever your definition of a happy relationship is, it directly links to your wants, needs, expectations, and desires, which change over time. What remains constant are some specific attributes and behaviors we have mentioned down below.

If you put in the effort and work towards incorporating these tips into your everyday life, the likelihood of your long-term happiness and success in your relationship will be undeniable.

1.    Respect For Each Other

Respect is one thing that needs to be present for any kind of relationship to work. If there are no boundaries of respect between each other, it’s going to become quite tough to continue your relationship. Giving respect to each other does not necessarily mean you agree to all that your partner says. If your partner is giving you their opinion or advice on how a certain thing can be done, you can show your respect by acknowledging and complementing their views and thoughts, even if you don’t agree with your partner’s advice.

In order for the relationship to be happy and healthy, the respect should be mutual. It needs to be a two-way street. You can’t expect one partner to show respect if you don’t return it.

2.    Keeping Your Independence

If you want your relationship to be a happy and healthy one, first, it’s important for you to be happy. The essence of a successful relationship stems from you taking some time out for yourself. Even though you and your partner are in a relationship, doesn’t mean your independence is seized. You and your partner might not share the same interests and hobbies. It doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy or take part in your activities anymore. Don’t restrict or force your partner to join you in your hobbies. You do your thing and let your partner do theirs. If anything, you both might find yourselves to be naturally drawn to each other’s hobbies.

3.    Argue, But Not Fight

There can be no such relationship where partners do not argue. Sometimes arguing with each other can be healthy for your relationship. There is a huge difference between arguing and fighting.

Sometimes a partner will argue just for the sake of disagreeing and loving it when the other gives way. Its always healthy to have both partners compromise at some stage and at some level, or agree to disagree. They may argue about their choice of a best sports team, or choice of restaurant, on some item of decoration in the house, or where to travel on their vacation. So as long as they can look back and relive those moments and laugh about it, it’s a healthy argument and a happy relationship.

4.    Mutual Parenting

As much as every couple desires a child and has plans and ambitions for their offspring, the raising of the child can, unfortunately, be a sore conflict between the partners. This kind of conflict can only be detrimental not only to the relationship of the partners but also to the child. There are many books written by experts which partners can read together and decide on their parenting style.

5.    Equality with Finances

Money finances should not be an issue for partners to spoil their happy and healthy relationship. Finances are very important issues partners should discuss to ensure their healthy relationship. A constant need for money and a wasteful or easy-sending partner can spoil many loving relationships.

A reminder of a bill payment on the refrigerator door is an unspoken reminder of both partner’s responsibility. This will prevent one partner nagging the other about THEIR responsibilities. Long term planning for a new house or a much needed cruise or vacation makes both partners share a common goal and both of them strive for the achievement of that goal that they can enjoy together. Each will have a feeling that they are sacrificing for each other, and this helps to enhance the bond between the two.

6.    Common Values and Goals

Sometimes partners may belong to the same religion and share the same culture. They have many common interests and festivities. On the other hand, some partners belong to different cultures or even different religions. This will not be a hindrance to their relationship if they respect and accept that each other’s religion and culture is important. There should be more adventures as they get to learn more and more about each other’s culture and festivities, and enjoy both sects of families.

If you try to incorporate these tips and guidelines in your daily life, you will notice a huge difference in the long-term happiness and success of your relationship. Motivation and will towards incorporating such tips to improve your relationship helps you attain a good feeling about yourself and portrays commitment towards your partner.

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