Is a love problem?

Is a love problem?

Author : Dr. Bhavna JaiswalDate : 03/19/2018

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world but sometimes people think it brings problems. My question is, if love brings problems then what does the opposite of love bring? What is the opposite of love? It is hate which is also not a good feeling. Nature creates both aspects, like day and night, black and white, girls and boys, up and down and so on. Why did nature do this? It is because nature wants to create a balance. We can feel love because hate exists, we can feel sweetness because sourness exists otherwise how would we be able to differentiate between the flavours or feelings. Love is not bad itself but our expectations create problems. Imagine that I loved my phone
and one day I lost it. Does my phone bring problems or does my love create problems? It is my mistake and my carelessness creates problems. The same happens in relationships. Problems arise in
relationships because of expectations, carelessness and people have made mistakes in their choices. Maybe we chose the wrong partner or friend. The problem is not in love but rather, in whom we love.


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