How To Combat Panic And Anxiousness

How To Combat Panic And Anxiousness

Author : Nelumbo TeamDate : 05/15/2018

Our sojourn on earth, teaches us important things about life. One of the things we learn about life is that there are two sides to our experiences in life. These are the positive sides and negative sides. The positive side is what we all seek to attain but we cannot have it all the time even though it presents us with the mental ability to solve our problems. The negative side although undesirable, brings balance, push us through life and can be interestingly turned into positivity.
When the negative side of life presents, we are often plunged into panic, nervousness, anxiety and fear. There is a thin-line between the positive side and negative side of life but we are naturally endowed with survival instincts, which will help us overcome the negative challenges as humans.

If you are the type that often panic, feel nervous, feel your zeal dying, anxious, and afraid, when that happens, and life seems meaningless, this article will show you five ways to come out top when you tussle with the negative side of life.

1. See yourself as the source of your happiness:
Many people often feel that they need to go somewhere out of this world before they can be happy in their day-to-day dealing. The truth however is that, such people do not realize that they are the only ones equipped to make themselves happy.
You are not to make the same mistake as they do, that is why you must begin to see yourself responsible for your happiness, and having this thought guiding your daily activities, you will feel less overwhelmed and undeserving.

2. Engage in things that bring the best out of you:
This is paramount in order to achieve anything because everyone loves to be in his or her comfort zone as that is when productivity is most guaranteed. You can never find yourself in your comfort zone when you do things you are not naturally inclined to do, hence the reason for the panic, distress, fear and disappointment. Therefore, you should do things you can do very well or do things the way you know makes you perform optimally.

3. Reduce some of your responsibilities
Responsibilities often weigh people down when they become too much to handle. There are no rules demanding more than you can offer but when people go overboard to get things done, it puts them into serious troubles.

4. Be receptive to change
Unarguably, change is the only constant in this life; therefore, you should be receptive to change, you should never see your present situation as the ultimate, you should be more open to new ideas and ways to pursue happiness and purpose. Even when some of the ideas fail to work, you should be open to other ideas.

5. Embrace therapy
Therapy is a very good way to combat stress when you begin to feel down. This is because with therapy, you get to know the cause of your challenges; how you are coping with your challenges; and how you can overcome the challenges no matter the difficulty.


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