A Brief Dating Guide To Help You Find The Right Partner

A Brief Dating Guide To Help You Find The Right Partner

Author : Nelumbo TeamDate : 10/08/2018

Are you looking for love, but it’s hard for you to find the right person to settle down with? When you or your close friend is undergoing a similar situation then it’s all too easy to get discouraged and give up on dating. After bad breakups and heartbreaks, you start to believe in the many destructive myths about relationships and dating. We are giving you a short guide to dating that will debunk most of your dating myths and fears.

Avoid Making Decisions Out of Fear

In some relationships, one partner chooses to stay in a toxic relationship out of fear. Sometimes such a fear is associated with abandonment issues, financial instability, or they might not want to be single at that particular time in life. Reasons for staying in an unhealthy relationship vary from person to person. At this point, you have to realize that instead of staying in an unhappy relationship you should muster up the courage needed to end such a relationship. This will the best decision for both partners and it will be a good time to move and find the right partners.

Prospects About Finding Love and Dating

The main purpose of dating is to find the right partner and enter into a romantic relationship for a long-term commitment. We all have a tendency to develop unrealistic expectations such as how the person we intend to date must look, they should behave in a certain way, and if the relationship should progress from dating which role must each partner fulfill. The reasons behind such expectations could be your own family history, peer group influence or your personal past experiences. It’s important for a good relationship when the two partners do not have unrealistic expectations from each other.

Don’t think that Disagreements are Unhealthy

Most people avoid conflicts when they are dating and a popular myth about dating is that conflicts and disagreements are bad for a relationship. Conflict and arguments can create a space between you and your partner but take the conflict as an opportunity for growth in a relationship. Talk to each other or seek professional counseling but try to figure out your differences. Conflict does not have to the reason for a breakup unless the issue is too grave to be resolved.

Handle Rejection Graciously

There comes a point in every couple’s life when the dating isn’t as fun as you expected it to be. There could be many reasons at play but eventually, you will need to accept rejection. The best thing to do to handle a rejection is not take it personally, be positive, and think that if the person is rejecting you after two or three dates then their reasons might be too superficial. There is no way that you can force your date to like you or give you another chance once they have made up their mind about rejection. Everyone has the freedom to choose and never take a rejection personally, don’t consider it as a rejection because most of the times its incompatibility of the two personalities and ending the date is the best option.

Understand The Concepts of a Healthy Relationship

To help you find the right partner and a relationship that blossoms into a long-term commitment it is essential to understand what leads to a healthy relationship. The first thing that both partners must understand is mutual respect. Each partner must have respect for each other and value their opinions. The next thing that must be a part of any relationship is trust.

Be Honest About Your Flaws

Nobody is perfect but when people date, they try to hide their flaws and any habits that their date might find gross or annoying. Hiding your flaws isn’t the right choice if you are looking for a long-term relationship. Instead of hiding your flaws, try to talk to your date about your bad habits and the good aspects of your life and personality.

Being open about your flaws will help establish trust and honesty between you and your partner. Sometimes what you consider a flaw might be something quirky or interesting to the other person. Sharing your flaws will encourage your partner to do the same thing it will open up and encourage communication and sharing between you and your partner.

No relationship can flourish without honesty, trust, and mutual understanding. Hence, both partners need to work hard on developing a healthy relationship, avoid keeping secrets from one another as they can turn into a burden over time. A relationship must have honesty, support, and excellent communication between the partners. Allow partners to have their own separate identity.

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